140608-1It’s all come as a bit of a shock. One day it’s – well, chilly; the next it’s stonking hot. At lunchtime today our house was the hottest place in Europe or North Africa. That’s official. Y’see, I’ve been using a social networking app called Wezzoo, which exists for people to post reports about their local weather. It displays a map showing coloured dots for all reports in the past hour. Most of these are automatic, being provided by weather stations around the world, but there are geeky types like me who regularly post pictures showing their local weather. At the time the temperature here was touching 32°C today there was nowhere else in the whole of Europe and North Africa that could match it. Or if there was, nobody reported it. So there.


Anyone who knows Apricale will be familiar with the Bar Tarocchi, located on the road running past the village. Well recently it’s had a makeover following a change of ownership and a change of name, now being the “Apricus Osteria”. Gone is the down-beat, old-fashioned and cheap plastic furniture, having been replaced by stylish steel tables and chairs with planked tops to match the new wooden floor. Both the interior and the exterior have had the same treatment and the result is a great improvement. Our village now has a good meeting-place without the need to trek up to the piazza. We’ll have a meal there one evening and see if the food lives up to the promise of the decor.


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