Neglected property

At the start of the week we went up to the house in Lus La Croix Haute, to check on its state and retrieve a few personal belongings dear to Anna. We arrived fearful of what we might find, but in the end were surprised to find it in much the same state as when we left it last October. The roof leaks over one of the bedrooms – not the one we use – and has ruined the bedding underneath, but apart from that everything is still sound. I took some pictures; here they are.

lus-01lus-02lus-03lus-04lus-05lus-06lus-07lus-08While there we drove into Veynes to ask for a copy of the deed of purchase from the notaire. So now Anna is confirmed as the owner of the house. The next thing is to find a French lawyer who can start the process moving of forcing a sale where one party isn’t contactable.

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